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Stroman Home Improvement can service you with precise paint jobs for your interior and exterior residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

Epoxy Countertops

Why destroy your old Countertops, when you can DiscoverLuxury! We use the Epoxy pour over method to existing countertops to make them like new.

Bathtub Reglazing/Resurfacing

From bathtub reglazing to bathroom remodeling, we can remodel your bathroom and turn an old look into a brand new luxury experience.


One of our newest offerings is commercial and residential vinyl and marble flooring. We can transfer any space you have.

The Epoxy

Educational Experience

Epoxy is primarily used as a refinishing product. Applying a coating of this material can help restore or revitalize old, worn, or out-of-style bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops, and floors.

It’s a popular choice for refinishing due to the durability of the epoxy resin. It can resist scratches and provide years of use before the surface dulls. It can also tolerate most cleaning materials without losing its luster.

With some epoxy products, you can recreate the look of these surfaces at a fraction of the cost which is a definite advantage. This is why Stroman Home Improvement’s educated owner, Demetrius, is available to teach the art and skill to you.

For more information regarding the Epoxy Educational Experience, email stromanhomeimp@gmail.com.

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